Mothers Day!!!!!



This beautiful creation on the bottom…..(made by both my girls – aged 6 and 9) was bestowed on me this morning with one eye barely able to make out any light. My kids couldn’t wait to hand over their handiwork and display their discerning mothers day stall shopping skills!

Maddy (the youngest) also produced this spectacular heartshaped creation made in craft at school……….along with the lovely plaster cast clock , that is to be placed on my craft desk (perhaps so I don’t lose track of time??????) now that I have put batteries in it………(apparently I had to be asked ‘too many times!’)

Caitlin adorned me with a special ceramic cow that can be put into my cheese (I do love cheese……) along with a set of frangipani bowls that I can use for the healthy lunches that I intend taking to work(from now on anyway……..) She produced the incredibly tasteful card with the flower arrangement on the front…….

My gorgeous Jared (aged 7) produced the folding card that reveals he does know me very well…….my fav colour is green, I do shop and I do sometimes visit him and tuck him in (especially when he is upstairs rampaging 😉 ). He really has put some effort into this………… gift was a lovely white trinket box that he thinks will hold some stamps!!!! What a surprise…………..

My darling eldest, Brendan, (aged13) reminded me of the lack of mother’s day stalls at high school and said he’d be good 😉  While my very clever husband (and sister who ‘directed’ him) got me the new CK Creative companion, which I am thrilled with. Especially as I’d already bought myself a complete set of Stampin’Up! markers…….oooohhhhh I am lucky and grateful. I’ve enjoyed my mothers day, but do wish that my mum was here to enjoy her’s……………hug your mum today and everyday, you never know when you won’t be able to do it anymore.


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