This is my baby………..

when she was a baby! She is now 6…………she will say that with head held high and her hands on her hips! She is probably closer to 26!!!!!


Image copyright Stampin’ Up! 1990-2007


This is a total CASE from the catalogue and IDEA BOOK! (get it!!!). This is the page that we did today at our meeting (Hi Tracey, Deanne, Tamara, Leonie and Lana as well as Maggie and Tara…..from afar!) with all of our team………..great fun we had. This was a great quick page that was snapped out of the catalogue and done in a few minutes……….We then had fun making patterned paper sample books………….gunna cost me a fortune, cause now I’ve fallen in love with a whole new lot of patterned paper. Oh well the coffee and company was good and we’ve solved the world’s problems…………….LOL!!!!! 


Oh the special for September is designed for those who looovveee hardware, cheap products, and discounts forever! Leave a comment and I’ll send you the details today!!!

Happy APEC Sydney! Go George Bush! 😉



One thought on “This is my baby………..

  1. We’ve solved world problems?? sheesh musta been another micro nap i took! I had a ball and now I need one of those Dreamkuts … sigh … gotta get the car fixed and visit Mum & Dad first ;0)

    I do love this layout and thank you for bringing all the bits we needed … just need to work out which baby to put on that layout!

    hugs Leonie

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