Bodacious, beautiful friends…….


Images Copyright Stampin’ Up! 1990-2007


This was another card for someone leaving   mmmwwwhaahhhhh!!!!!!!!

No, seriously it really is. Tracey at work (my full time job) was leaving to embark on an adventure with her husband. They have bought their own newsagency……..a real change from teaching Agriculture…………… more cow or goat pooo , just piles and piles of newspaper. We really wish her well.

Now, although Tracey is a great friend (I’ve known her for years, we had a couple of kids at around the same time…..compared bellies we did), the friends I refer to  are some Stampin’ Up! friends……..The set that was used to create the background for this card is Bodacious bouquet and it was actually bought for me by Carol, Kerri. Jenni, Leonie and Tracey (check out their blogs!!).These gals are simply the best! They threw in for this set to reward me for spending two great days driving them across the city to the Stampin’ Up! conference in May. We really had fun, I’m one of those people that keep my eye on the prize and sometimes am a bit serious, especially when driving into the city (I live outside Sydney,,,,and like it that way!). I truly thank them all for their thoughfulness and assure them I am having fun with this set.

this was stamped also usung All about U using the soft subtle palette. I also used some dazzling diamonds. This made a quick, but effective card. It was also three fold (two cards stuck together in the middle panel) to give us all plenty of room to write our well wishes.

Exciting news on the home front includes – TWO DAYS UNTIL HOLIDAYS…..there is at least 7 of us jumping for joy over this one. It has been a really hard term and I’m already looking forward to christmas. I will need to spend lots of time crafting this holiday to make the last of our cards for the fete…….more on that later……talk to you all soon……


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