New Me………..

Well……gosh I just noticed the wind is ripping through the trees here. That would be right, spent the afternoon vacuuming the pool!!! GGGRrrrrrrrr…….LOL!

On holidays, my kids are already grumbling, beacuse spring fever has hit! I want to clean out the world! I’m off to IKEA to buy new shelves for my stamps (wait til you see what they are stored in at the moment), new boxes for bits and pieces and a new drawer unit on castors. I’m excited, because our study is made from kitchen cabinets in birch, with an emerald green benchtop to work on. Both these units are under $50 and come in………..yes you guessed it! BIRCH!!!!

I promise to take before and after shots , if I can bare the embarrasment of the state of out study…..I warn you, it is a pigsty but I will add it is the worst room in the house. With a study used by 8 of the dwellers of our home, (sometimes all 8 at once!) it is a mess! Especially considering I use it for my school work as well as craft as well as the base for my Stampin’ Up! business……………I’m so excited. I’ll post after I return!!!!


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