Mess no more……well less anyway!

Well, we went to IKEA! gosh I love that place…….managed to get said bookshelf to store my stamps in and am VERY happy with the price……but before I show you how good it looks now, I better reveal the before photo……are you ready?……more importantly… I ?  LOL!!!


I wonder if Stampin’ Up! want to copyright this photo!!! PMSL!!!! These are the current three crates that hold my stamps, jammed between the wardrobe and filing cabinet……….You ask my sister…………(this is how every stamping session begins)

Sharon – “Nicole, I can’t find ……….. stamp set”

Nicole – “Well it was in there last I looked”

Sharon – “But I can’t find it”…..{rummaging , stamp sets being dragged out of each basket}

Now , those days are gone 🙂 ……….this is how it looks now (just a few hours later)




This is soooo much better, huge relief for the whole family! My mission is to make my study look like this everywhere you look and every cupboard you open……. Some of the boxes are not yet full. This set up was soooooo cheap

Bookshelf – $49………..DVD boxes – 2 packs x $9………CD boxes – $9……..baskets – 2x $6 an absolute BARGAIN.

I also bought a trolley that now holds catalogues, craft mats, punches and heaps of stuff I haven’t thought of yet . I had seen it on line for $129 but I wanted something a little cheaper. I was going to go for a three drawer cabinet on coasters….BUT the trolley was on sale for $79 and I think it is heaps more useful. When I have finished the study I will include photos of this if you are interested.

Now, to show you the mess I usually work in……


You can see why I need to clean up huh! I will update when I get more organised!!!



4 thoughts on “Mess no more……well less anyway!

  1. Don’t you just love IKEA !!! I’m constantly shuffling my stash around – reorganising and repacking stuff – I like to simplify things as much as possible. Have fun setting yourself up 🙂

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