I’ve finished….here are the photos……

Before shots…… (WARNING – This WILL offend neat freaks !!!!)

I had already started to pull stuff out 🙂


 This is my sisters desk mmmwwwaahhhh!!!!


This is my craft space 😦

Now the after shots……..


Kids work and play area (ppssttt – they are stamping as we speak!! Now they can find their stamps LOL!!)


My work space ……… with an order to be posted and 100 vaccination cards to done :-(………

Looks good though huh!!!


5 thoughts on “I’ve finished….here are the photos……

  1. ohhhh how I need to sort my scraproom . . . I just need to start . . . .
    it is out of hand & easier to read about yours than tackle mine . . . . .
    well done ~ ~ wish my room was like yours ~ ~ sorted. . . . .

  2. well i was nice and relaxed looking at your holiday photo’s! then i came to this post and well not so relaxed but you did an awesome job … think you’d better come & organise me

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