After the last sad post……

I thought I’d put some photos up of our holiday down the coast…….


This is the gorgeous bay. There is a beach on the other side of the head land with some ‘gnarly’ surf they tell me………LOL!!





This is my eldest and my youngest ‘occupying themselves’ on a walk around the bay.



This is what Jared likes to do…………..harrass the poor crabs……..they move out when they hear we are coming!


This is what I like doing (although that is my sister on the left, Caitlin – eldest DD, Jared and Maddy) down the coast! A whole lot of nothing…….and maybe read a book or two! Ooops musn’t forget drinks are always at 3pm!!

Hope that makes you feel peaceful and relaxed……I do when I look at photos…..




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