Fete ideas again………

 These are great to make. I’ve made these totally out of scraps. They are made with scrap cardboard for the pages and thicker cardboard (like the stuff you find on the back of notepads) for the covers and then scrap patterned paper for the covers and scrap ribbon on the binding. The only thing that was bought was the binding wire. I used a bind-it-all to put then together. I plan to decorate the front with silk flowers and the like , but that is a Friday night (my craft night!!) job.


I reckon these will sell like hot cakes. Each one only cost about 40c (other than what we had around) and we can sell them for a few dollars each. The small ones are 4in square and the larger are 5.5in square. I have made divider pages using different colours and then punched matching tabs to attach to make them like mini index books. There are 9 or 10 and these were made in a couple of hours but I’m sure they will make some little boys and girls very happy!!! You can come and buy these at the Camden Public School Fete on the 9th of November (a Friday night) between 4pm and 9pm at my stall……………


Talk to you all again soon…………


One thought on “Fete ideas again………

  1. Oh such gorgeous books … did they sell well? I have a heap of contraband papers here i could use for this sort of thing … hmmm thinking we might need a BIA night!

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