Candy cane holders!!

Want a great gift idea that your kids can make for their friends……

NB – This not my original idea……..and I’m unsure where I found it…SCS I think!


These are sooooo cool. This is the last of a batch of 100 that we have made for the school fete……….

They are made with a rectangle of red cardstock (or thick paper) for the back (7.5 cm x 21cm ) .

 The front is just slightly smaller all round (in green). A piece of patterned paper is glued on top of the green, slightly smaller than that (so you get the layered look).

The front sheet has a slit cut from near the top with the word window punch from Stampin’ Up!©. This makes the slit for the candy cane.

Both the front and the back are glued together with a hot glue gun. YES…we did try every brand of sticky backed tape…..this works!! LOL!!!

The front can be decorated….stamped LOL!!….and there has been a hole punched in the top….waiting for me to add hangers for the Christmas tree…..

Hope they all sell…….I hate candy canes LOL!!!


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