Family Christmas shot…..

Last week was Maddy and Jared’s Christmas concert at school. Caitlin wasn’t involved as it was an infants school thing. I asked the older two if they’d like to come and was quite pleased when they were happy to. I have a rule…….if you go to something like this, you watch it… hanging out with mates etc…….So, I was really thrilled that they were happy to watch their younger siblings sing Christmas carols….AGAIN!!!! I have neen to 9 of these and still have one more to go………but it is great because they were in different classes and Nicole (my sister) also had a class item we were keen to see as well.


This was a shot I took of all four …….hard to get them in the same place at the same time and happy to get a photo. Brendan (13) is up the back , Maddy (6) front left, then Caitlin (9) and Jared (8) on the right………… little cherubs………hhhmmmm, now to go yell at them LOL!!!!!!!!


One thought on “Family Christmas shot…..

  1. awww how cute … i dont believe these kids of yours would do anything worthy of being yelled at for – look at them – they are angels!!!


    just like mine wouldnt do anything worthy of a yell!

    Happy Christmas & Merry New Year

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