Interrupted transmission……

Hi guys!! I’m having a great time at Rosehill. I am covered from head to toe in glitter (that is no joke! Just ask everyone who comments when they make a card with me…LOL!!). We have met hundreds – maybe thousands of ladies and a few gentlemen who are interested in making cards either in classes or at home with their own stamps and tools. We have sold hundreds of idea books & catalogues and have enjoyed chatting with everyone of you. I can’t wait to add you all to my mailing list and send out a message with all the great things that I want to do over the next few exciting months.

I have a minor problem though……my PC has died (I’m using my sisters’ to post this……) ! SO if you have tried to e-mail and haven’t heard back from me this is why……..if you need me – you can get me in the evenings at home……(you all have my number 🙂 )………you can leave a message here as a comment but sending an e-mail is futile at the moment. I will keep you posted on how the doc(my hubby for those of you that are wondering…..) is going with the PCectomomy……..:-)

Talk soon……

ETA – Guess what! DH has set me up a remote e-mail account so that I can still receive and send e-mail 🙂 – emergency is now everted!!


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