Chalk applicators for sale!!

These are pictures of some chalk applicators my dad has whipped up for me to sell to customers. They are a simple but effective tool that allows you to clip a small cotton ball (I use pom pom’s bought from spotlight or craft shop) on the end and then pick up the colour to apply my chalk. When I’m done, I just pop the ball into a container and save it for the next time I am chalking with the same colour.

I originally got my applicator many years ago and absolutely love it. Many customers have asked about it and have searched for them and have failed to track them down. When I showed dad , he had a dozen whipped up in no time. He is selling them for $5 each and if you’d like to have them posted to you, you will need to add postage on. Demonstrators may want to grab some of these to use in workshops and we’ll do a deal with you……say 5 applicators for $20 (+ postage and handling) .

If you’d like to place and order for these, just contact me and we’ll get them out to you as soon as we can. There are quite a few ready to go!


3 thoughts on “Chalk applicators for sale!!

  1. Hi Sharon, they are great, and such a great idea! put me down for one please!

    Site is looking great. Gof our first referral for Ribbon Club through your site. Thank you.

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