Happy Fathers Day……

This is the cute little wallet card I made for my kids to give DH for Fathers Day. He has bought himself his own present LOL!!! He used to be an avid photographer and since the invent of digital cameras has never really got back into it. I convinced him to get a digital SLR and he finally liked the look of the new Pentax just released. He is excited to still be able to get some use of his old Pentax lenses. So, he has bought the whole kit and caboodle…camera, new filters and a new bag and is keen to get back into it all. This card is almost a standard sized card with a strip cut from the edge. I used the strip to make the wallet closure. On the inside of the closure and on the wallet front i have stuck a magnet …… one of those little cool zyron magnet tape bits. This is made using close to cocoa and is stamped with linen background and then faux stitching around the whole wallet and the strap. The inside is a piece of cardstock trimmed just enough to fit ncely inside. I have cut some slits and placed a hole punch at each end of the slit to make it more forgiving, so it doesn’t rip. The inside piece is treated the same way, stamped with linen, bit of sponging on the edges and has faux stitching around the edge. I have made little coloured cards to fit into the slit pockets and each child has written their messages to their dad. As I said, the closure made from the strip left over after trimming the card down to size. The sentiment on the from is from Occasionsal greetings which really does give great variety in the options you have for every occasion. P.S. Not an original at all …….. you will see versions of this everywhere ’cause it is so cute!!!

Happy Fathers Day to all and theirs!!!

All images © Stampin’ Up! 1990 – 2008


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