A little tear as they leave for the big, wide world……

This is the group of cross dressed young women and men that i have taught Chemistry to for the past two years…..well most of them anyway. My photo of my senior science class is too blurry to share – will have to e-mail one of these guys to send my one from their camera……..They are very very talented, as well as being just great kids – I’m confident the world will be Ok with these guys in charge. I’ve already warned the doctors amongst the group that they better look after me when I’m old and senile….or I’ll bring these and other pictures out of the closet. I’m always sad to say goodbye to Year 12…..but this year I did it in style by making each and every one a graduation card – 40 in total!!!! I spent most of Monday night finishing them and I was really chuffed to see how much they appreciated it – especially realising that I had made these cards myself. Some of the girls know that I make cards as my ‘other gig’…….but I even had a very burley boarder boy visit me on Wednesday morning to coyly collect the card he missed out on Monday because he was otherwise engaged…..I even got a big kiss and cuddle in return…………………oh, I miss them already and I’m really looking forward to seeing their great results in the HSC this year. I hope we get lots in the top 20….. Anyway enough gabbing – I’ll show you the cards….I made both styles using both real red and Wild wasabi and was very happy with the results…… This is a great stamp set – Great Grads and I have already given my left overs to the teacher who teaches the special kids at our local Primary school and she is looking forward to giving the year 6 kids a special treat as they leave……..

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2 thoughts on “A little tear as they leave for the big, wide world……

  1. These are just gorgeous Sharon. What a lovely idea (brought back memories of my years as a teacher and a tear to my eye too) How special are you…….I’m sure they will miss you as their teacher but grateful of the part you’ve played in preparing them for the big wide world!

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