Off on my spring break……..

Well….this is where I will be until October 7………………are you jealous???? I sooooo deserve a bit of R & R and I intend on taking it. Actually my kids deserve it more…we didn’t go away last holidays and had a very quiet break as that is when I started with my pneumonia (mycoplasma infection) and to be honest I still suffer now….the doc did say that I would have it most of this term so we are all off to rest and recuperate and to enjoy the caravan we so live to go to LOL!!!!

Now……important info…….don’t forget that for celebrating World Card Day, Stampin’ Up! have a great special…..20% off the Simply Sent kids from the 4th of October until the 10th…..If you’d like to take advantage of this I will be placing an order as soon as I return. So, send me an e-mail and include your phone number and I will phone you to organise payment and we can combine our orders on the 7th or 8th……sounds like a plan???? If we get three or four of us ordering…..we can raffle off the free benefits that we get from combining orders….never know, for ordering one simply sent kit you may end up with loads of free product. Check out the kits here.…..everything you need , all pakaged up in a great gift box , to make the great cards pictured….. See you in a little while……


2 thoughts on “Off on my spring break……..

  1. Hi Sharon, hope the break went well. Fingers crossed for your HSC students. Thanks for your message re. Notebook, I had no idea so many in my social circle read it! Looking forward to seeing more of your stamping soon. Love KimT

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