Happy Holloween birthday!

My youngest son is off to his very first sleepover birthday party tonight. Sam shares his birthday with halloween! Now he is turning 10 he thinks this is pretty cool. I think Sam’s mum is struggling to make a haunted house. Now, not celebrating halloween myself – I had to dig deep to find some embellishments for a birthday card that followed the theme. This is a lesson in hoarding crap! Both Nicole(my sis) and I have had calendar’s in the past that have had halloween stuff in theme – mine was a scrapbooking/card making one and hers was a sticker a day (yep – she’s a teacher too!). So………having never thrown any papercraft stuff out – I dug incredibly deep to find some appropriate stuff………..

I used a sticker on a nestabilities oval and scalloped matching oval and inked around the edge in pumpkin pie ink. I stamped Happy birthday in the bottom of the card and used some paper from my calendar to finish it off. I made a monogram to tie to the bag and used some ribbons and stuff – I’m sure Sam is not opposed to ribbon (his mum and sister will like it anyway LOL). I had to stamp on the inside to personalise the card and of course the envelope. Basis grey ink was used and some stickers were used to adorn the two packages. Jared thought it was pretty cool when he woke up this morning.

So it just shows you how stamps still go with other stuff and it is handy to hoard!!!!!

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