Life is like a box of chocolates……

chockie-box……………….especially when you have everything you need to make your gifts for Christmas. I’ve just finished making this box and I’m a bit happy about it. The acetate sheet I have used could be more sturdy – but it has worked out just fine. I have used the Holiday Harmony designer paper from the current mini catalogue along with die cut stickers and gorgeous double satin ribbon. These products will no longer be available after November (in the short term at least). So………………if you’d like to look at the mini(I have heaps left!!) or you’d like to order some of these products, you will have to yell out quick – I’d hate to think you will miss the opportunity to get some great gifts made……for a small cost but a huge impact.

I too, plan on grabbing some more stuff before the mini ends – I NEED some snowflake chipboard to make some decorations to give to the staff I work with. This will work out to be less than $3 a gift compared to the $5 I had to spend last year on a little decoration each. $3 should see them well decorated and even packaged read for giving – a complete and utter bargain…….

Now – I have to tell you a ‘typically male ‘ story – was making the box and I happen to say to hubby that I’d love some lollies to put in the bag so he nicely ducked down the road (at 10pm) …… and bought the smallest bag of wrapped lollies I have ever seen LOL!! To give you an idea – the box is as high as the smaller end of A4 and it is packed with tissue paper top and bottom to give it a fuller look…….funny!!!

Contact me today if you’d like to grab some mini products before they disappear………………………

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2 thoughts on “Life is like a box of chocolates……

  1. Wow, you have excelled yourself, how gorgeous. You had me fooled, I thought it was full of lollies, (very funny story, gave me a giggle)

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