Great sale ……this weekend!

AT ACN PACKAGING, here at Narellan…………. This is the home of an inline store that sells amazing bpxes, buckets, packing materials, wrapping materials and a whole lot more……….take a look and see the great range of stuff. If you order online this weekend you receive a 10% discount or for even better bargains – pop into the factory unit on Graham Hill Rd in Narellan to pick up odds and ends that sometimes aren’t even on the website……..I use their stuff ALL the time to alter for gift wrapping. In fact last week I was stamping some paper bags and totes that my husband uses for carry bags at the vet surgery. This is a must – in fact I’ll be finding time today to pop in and grab some bargains and squeeze my friend Angie…….

here are some posts that I have that show altered ACN items…..

1. black gift bag

2. more black gift bags

3. The cutest ever flat packed boxes

4. More boxes and packing material

5. Display tray and shredded packing material

6. Baby tins…..   and the list goes on. They promise lots of Christmas stock…………see you all then. Funny story , last Year my sister took her car and we went up with Lana. Between the three of us we filled the bloody boot of the car!!!

Edited to add – I went along to the sale – twice actually LOL!! and picked myself up a bucket load of boxes and the like that you will no doubt see altered on here in the near future. In fact, grabbed me some great metal lunch pails that will be turned into packagaing for the Christmas presents I am making the nurses at the vet hospital and few other special girls I work with {winkin’ here} So thanks Angie – another great sale………oh and you know I had to grab me some ribbon LOL!!! Never have enough ribbon…..


2 thoughts on “Great sale ……this weekend!

  1. I will be coming to Campbeltown after Christmas to visit my Mum. Can you visit ACN’s factory any time or is it just open for direct selling during this sale? Sounds like a great place!

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