A special Christmas present…….

Anyone who knows me well , knows that I’m always doing this sort of thing at the last minute. Well this timing is often enforced on me but I love the adrenalin that comes with having to get something done by Ysterday. One of my attributes is that i usually do – I rally anyone who can help and we work away until the early hours of the morning. Traditionally my uncle (my mum’s bro) visits us on Christmas eve after work. He is a butcher and this is certainly his busiest time of year. He rang us last weekend and said that this year he and his wife would visit us this weekend. This has advantages, but NOT when you haven’t made their gift yet.

My uncle has very few memories of his distant family and my mum, being the eldest and an executer of everyones wills, ended up with lots. My sister and I found an old box recently that had recipe books from a number of generations and some great pictures. Some of the pictures included original shots and plans of the original federation home my family built in Carlton, the butcher shop they built and ran up the road from the house and the press shots from the garden competition they had won. I knew then what I wanted to do.

My idea mulled in my head for quite some time (an essential process !!!)and I decided that I wanted to do a family recipe box that was filled with cards that contained photographs along with copies of the hand written recipes and household tips that were in the books we found. We selected the photographs, covered the paper mache box (a bargain for $7 at spotlight)and then photocopied the recipes onto cardstock. Then we decorated. The tip with a quick, but effective project like this is to stick to a theme – we used the Afternoon tea designer paper that is in the current mini. I used the coordinating stamp set and the same coloured inks that appear in the paper, the same with the ribbon. This made it a no brainer……..the whole project only required half a pack of designer paper but gives so many different looks with the paper having 6 different double sided designs. The use of Modpodge just makes the project simpler. I used this to stick everything down on the box and then coated it so it i now wipable as it will live in the kitchen. Take a look at the project below…….


He loved it!! In fact he cried…………..we will add more cards as the years go on……….must remember to buy up the designer paper before it goes………..

Now, this is not the only project I’m running on – This was Friday night…..Saturday night’s extravaganza should be finished today some time. I will show you that later on …….two more projects after this one……

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2 thoughts on “A special Christmas present…….

  1. OMG! How absolutely gorgeous. You girls are just the most talented and gifted, it nearly bought me to tears reading and looking at how nice a gift you created from and idea. Also well done on the great results your students achieved.
    Great way to end a year. Merry Christmas xoxo

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