More great hand stamped Christmas presents

tins1Not a great photo, but my camera is about to die and I need to clean up the study if I want to find the charger…LOL!….the last room left before Christmas. I have covered 8 little suitcases with designer patterned paper – matched to each of our employees personalities, and then monogrammed the front. This project was made so much easier using the dreamkutz and bind it all. I made a small notpad (about 3in x 4in) and covered the front and back with a piece of the paper their tin is covered with and then made a little 4in” envelope that my hubby can put in their Christmas bonus. I went along to my very new and exciting smiggle store and found mini silver bullet pens to go in each. So cool !! I used my vast ribbon collection to decorate the tops of the notepads and the handles as a finishing touch. No surprise to anyone who has been here , how easy it was for us to find ribbons to match….. This project was completed using just one sheet of a 12in” double sided paper piece. I put a strip around the outside(after removing the handles). Covered the outside surface of the lid with the patterned paper. I used modpodge to coat the metal surface and this left the paper stuck down without any troubles. I coated all paper with modpodge and let them dry overnight (I think you only need to wait 20 minutes) and then stamped and punched the letters. I was wanting something quick and easy here, so I used the defining alphabet which fits perfectly into the 1 3/8 in round punch and then the scallop punch to finish off. I really hope they like them.

Yep, it’s Monday and we still haven’t finished – Christmas cards are next and then calendars {gosh}………………….be back with the Christmas cards……..

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3 thoughts on “More great hand stamped Christmas presents

  1. I call you the 3D Queen Sharon – is there nothing you cant alter?? Have a wonderful Christmas and thank you for your lovely comment on my blog too.

    Merry Christmas!

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