Happy day 359!!

Well, I’m not all that religious, but happy Christmas to all my loyal readers. Theday started about 7.45 this morning – would have started earlier but we sleep with our door closed because we have the dog in our room, so we can’t hear a bloody thing. I reckon the girls were up at the crack of dawn and when I passed the boys room they were in annoying them – much to DS14 disgust! The kids were thrilled with their haul and I have ben in hysterics watching them play their new Wii. All of us threw in the money we use to buy gifts for the kids and pooled it, and with very clever shopping got a Wii, and a heap of games – think there were 7 or 9 in total,,,,so they are having a ball.wii-funHere is a photo of DH ‘fighting’ with DS9……so, so funny! The girls were wrapped in their gifts too, they got lots of girly things – love their clothes and beach towels and DS games each. Jared loved his yoyo (aint it the way $5 thrown into the trolley yesterday when we picked up some last minute groceries……hehehehe) and his new funkets and DS game (and Santa bought the wrong one……..never mind – I must say my kids are never ungrateful). DS14 is THRILLED with his set of copic markers, marker tablet and airbrush system. He is just thrilled……..I can’t wait to see the creations he comes up with. Will have to share them with you all some time. He loves his drawing and his talent is impressive. DH got a mobile office to store his lap top and files etc in……my motivating factor in this purchase is for him to clear up the corner he dumps bag after bag of shit!!!! You never know…………He also got diaries and some mags to help him out with his new DSLR. I got a CD/MP3 player for mycar !! I’m excited – have wanted one for years and years……..I also got some cool shirts (lovely loose cotton ones for my holiday) from Dad and Nic. Oh and best of all was when DS14 bought me a present with his own money – he has been working with DH and has saved up quite a stash of cash…- I got the new Patricia Cornwell book………I was very proud(as was he…) I will have to read that first!!!! Now, no more crafting for a week or so – made 100 calendars yesterday for the clients at Liverpool Vet Hospital. I will show you a picture later…….BUT I did get my self the best recipe tin from Darrell Lea yesterday – they were selling out jumbo tins (empty) for just $6. I will alter that soon ans show you that one. It will fit cards 3/4 th size of an A4 sheet………

Now, I have just (5pm Christmas eve) picked up my catalogues for Salebration. I will be home for two more days and am ready to throw some in the post. If you’d like one, send me a quick e-mail (sharon@lvh.com.au)with your street address and I will throw it in the post straight away, so you can be ready as soon as it starts……..Jaunuary 1st………..

Sharon xxxxxxxx


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