The first page of 09…….

jared-page2………………hopefully the first of many!!!

This page is made up of some work my youngest son completed two years ago at school. The teacher had kindly sent it home with a photo of Jared attached that related to the piece he was writing. A precious memmento I didn’t want to forget.So…..instead of shuffling it around my desk for another year , I whacked it down on a page straight away. Made all the easier, by using a scrapbooking pack (their name is simply scrappin kits – very apt name!) by Stampin’ Up! © called Winter bright. I just used some of the stickers, stamped ‘J’ and added a little hodgepodge and there you have it. Not fantastic, but a thoroughly decent page and memorabilia has just been dealt with!!! You should grab yourself a couple of these. They really make scrapbooking easier and/or quicker. I know I will be using them way more!!

I have another page in my head and I hope to get it out before long…….heaps of great cards to show you so stay tuned……… being on holidays, time to actually create!

All images © Stampin’ Up! 1990 – 2009

PS . My net access is a little wobbly at the moment – the recent hot weather has fried my modem/router (which is only a few months old Grrrrr) I have a new one, but it seems to be taking its time settling into the family LOL!!!


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