Boooo Hooooo back to ‘work’ I go..and I wonder how long it is before the farm is taken from us…..

hahs-pageYep, the school holidays are almost over – so back to work I go. I have 150 little munchkins who are dying to have me as a teacher ……. DREAM ON!!! LOL!!!!! Never mind – they and I, will eventually get back into the swing of it. I have done another scrapbooking page , commemorating the year ahead…… school is under the threat of a major land sell off to boost the coffers of the NSW state government. Great idea – EXCEPT that we are in the business of teaching very gifted and talented students FROM across the state (even from Norfolk Is , Singapore, etc) AND we teach them about the most important industry this country has – Primary industry and Farming!!! Without farms and intelligent farmers this country will be in serious trouble. They plan to sell most of our land – will only leave enough land for the buildings, boarding houses and maybe an oval or two. Yep – our animals will need to be destroyed or sold off (who wants to buy animals in a bloody drought????). So….this photo is of our back paddock – near the top of the hill that overlooks the expressway. This paddock will be gone after the impending sale – the gorgeous photo was actually taken by my head teacher , who is the most amazing photographer, he takes hundreds of shots like these as he goes for his daily run around the farm at sunrise…………… fact Greg actually lives on site – he won’t have such a great run when it is sold as a housing development.

Greg actually put this photo on a card he made me for Christmas – very cool!!! So, I had to recycle the photo so the page is framed and I intend to take it to school and put it up in the classroom – to remind us of the beauty we work in – while we fight tooth and nail to keep our land, our farm and most importantly those talented students who join us from across the state to further their already amazing skills. Some are learning farming for the first time, others come with many skills and return home with more. Some are inspired to work in primary industries…………we have amazing success stories of kids who have used the skills we teach them. I am very proud to say that I teach science at Hurlstone, but am also proud to say that I play a part (all be it , little) in the Agriculture department as well…….I love teaching Ag and I love teaching Ag with the teachers at our school – the most amazing group – never, ever a dull moment…………………… I’ve stopped raving now. I will head back to school with boxing gloves packed carefully in may bag…..along with my boots, jeans, red pens and pile of papers……..

Have a great week…………..

All image © Stampin’ Up! 1990 – 2009


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