Ok….back to normal programming ….I hope!!

sunny-boyIt has been a little manic here since starting back at school. My kids are now all settled into their classes and I am doing my best to get a good routine going. I am struggling with the temps and humidity we are experiencing. My Year 8 class are studying weather at the moment and the day before yesterday measured the relative humidity inside a classroom at 10am and discovered it was nearly 80%. No, we don’t have air conditioning in ANY of the classrooms I am lucky enough to teach in LOL!! The staffroom has had it’s ac fixed – luckily because we actually use a tine shed as our staffroom LOL!!!

This is a ‘sunny boy’ container that I made full of choccies for one of the guys I work with. He always goes on LSL at the end of the year, so misses out on his Christmas pressie – so I take him something at the beginning of each year. This was made with our double sided patterned paper – strong enough to hold them all really well.

1. Cut a rectangle (a size that suits your purpose – better when it is twice as long as it is wide , but any combo will work) and use sticky strip down the long side .

2. Stick the long sides together to to make a tube. Place some sticky strip across one end of the tube (the length of sticky strip should be half it’s measurement. Stick the tube closed at that end and pop the end into the crimper and turn the handle about 1/2 a revolution and remove.

3. Turn the tube around just 90 degrees so the other end will close at right angles to the first and add a piece of sticky strip and repeat step 2. NOW – MAKE SURE YOU PUT YOUR GOODIES IN FIRST !!! Just a trap there for young players…..LOL!!!

4. I added a jumbo eyelet and made a tag using the coolest of the salebration sets called YUMMY! If you would like this set you only have a few weeks to get it! Contact me with an order that has a value of $100 and you can get this  FREE……only until the end of February – never, ever again ……

Hopeftagully things will get back to normal and you will see more creations again – my mojo was left on holidays I think LOL

Now…..anyone who feels like a trip to Camden on Sunday…………I have a workshop here at home where we will be making some cards for FREE…just reserve your spot via e-mail (sharon@lvh.com.au) …only a few left………..

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