What an incredible, devastating week in this countries history………..

pizza-box5 Well, devastation has taken Victoria…………….so unconceivable but also sad and unfortunate.

I really hope that the communities that have been destroyed can stick together and rebuild their diminished structures and support those who will need to find new normals again with the loss of loved ones. Such a terrible tragedy – on every level – for sooo many families in Victoria. I understand how scary it is to be evacuated and wonder how things are back at your home, I hope I never have to experience the loss of all things worldly to my family and even worse, the loss of loved ones as they attempt to save the life they know………..I have nothing else……

I also have thoughts for North Quennsland residents who have endured ridiculous rains now for over 40 days and 2/3 of the state is now declared a disaster area…………..luckily no direct loss of life – but plenty of lives are going to be turned upside down and property and livelihoods will be destroyed……………what a irony this land of ours delivers!!!

I’m trying hard to think of a way we can all help……………….think I might hold a crop night here at home and the proceeds can be donated to the fire relef fund that the Vic government and Red Cross have set up. I understand they are after $$$ essentially as goods are so difficult and lengthy to store sort and distribute. Money will allow people to get out there andget what they need. Anyone else have any ideas………………………………………….????????

I had some demonstrators from my team and customers here throughout Sunday creating away. I put together three projects that we worked on. The demonstrators started with this cute little flip top box. I was lucky enough to receive one of these from my upline Tracey, and I have totally ripped it off for us to make. It is so easy and effective. We filled it with yummy chocolate I picked up at Aldi. inside-boxIt held 9 littole choc sticks that come individually wrapped. Everyone loved that. After we finished we had some customers and potential recruits for some of my downlines join us to make two more cards – once again rip offs from other demonstrators LOL!! I will show you these later this week.

We had a great afternoon stamping – it was great to get together and create and I think everyone else was inspired to go home and get stamping again.

NOW SALEBRATION IS NEARLY OVER………………… YOU ONLY HAVE UNTIL THE END OF THE MONTH TO GET YOUR FREE STAMPS. I’m thinking that I would like to donate the profits from sales for the remainder os salebration to the Victorian fire relief. That means if you order $100 worth of product and pay for it with postage added, you will get a FREE stamp set from the Salebration catalogue and I will donate approx $20 straight to the relief fund. If I can get a few people ordering that could reach $100 easily……………so come one – get those stamps you desperately want and help the victims of this horrific disaster…………..

E-mail me today at     sharon@lvh.com.au

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