Shave for a cure ….update!!!

Well, it’s done…..have no hair left!! BUT I have raised nearly $1000 as a result. Most of the effort goes to the kids at my school who got a kick out of watching their teacher get her head shaved and paid for the privilege………but I did raise $400 myself with friends and work mates. A special thank you to some stamping friends who helped out….Wendy , Kim and Alisa…..they are true champions….. So….{drum roll please!!}. Here are the photos!!

beforebefore and then after,after

While I didn’t have the longest of hair, I am sure appreciating what I had, two days after. It sure is taking a lot to get used to……but worth the effort I reckon!!!

Anyway, thought I’d give some of you a laugh…….if you’d like to book a workshop with a bald demonstrator, then I’m your gal!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Shave for a cure ….update!!!

  1. OH my Sharon … youre a stronger woman than me although my hair is fairly short i do appreciate what i have as i could have hair like my brother – or like he doesnt have as the case may be! but all for a very worthy cause so I take my hat off to you. Now we will know where you are at convention cos you’ll have the light reflecting off your shiney head 😀

  2. You’re a legend Sharon! You have an absolutely massive heart and not just for this Shave for a Cure, it’s something I see over and over again.


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