Just getting back from canberra…..Getting on with business……..YOUR BUSINESS

Stampin’ Up!© is great! Convention is great! All the other demonstrators are great!

There is absolutely no drawbacks to the decision I made to join Stampin’ Up! way back in October 2006. I have absolutely no regrets.

I have just returned from a great weekend away with Lana , my guest, from my third SU! convention. I feel inspired and have many, many new things I wish to achieve. I feel energised and invigorated to share my love of stamping…in so many ways. I have learnt so much, as I have from all three conventions. The presenters, both professional from Australia, New Zealand and the US …….. and the demonstrators that were also asked to contribute…… were all great. I have seen some amazing stamping work and am inspired to fill my sample box and design my class samples right this minute. I will have to wash and cook dinner though first. The most amazing thing of all………..we will all get to do this again in 12 months time. This time I had Lana along with me, next time I’d love to have a table full of downlines with me as well. Why? So we can share and learn together….help each other get the most out of this experience. That is my biggest goal…….to walk into convention next year with my team and share a great fun learning experience together.

Would you like to join me? I’d love to have you…….. whether you like making cards and would like to order materials at a discount, whether you would like to have a part time business like me or whether you want a full time business like many other successful demonstrators…..Stampin’ Up! can provide us with all the opportunity we need.

There is a special for those who sign up this month………just $150 {that is so much cheaper than I think we will ever see this again}………his will entitle you to the special scrapbooking starter kit.(which includes a simple scrappin kit of your choice, an inkpad of your choice and alphabet stamp set of your choice, a mixed pack of 12in cardstock and a pair of craft and rubber scissors ALONG with all the business stationary and forms you will need …….)

This is so designed for those who have already purchased SU! product before or those who want to get started with the lowest base price possible……….

This offer is available until the end of MAY!!! You will need to move quickly, so if you would like more information about becoming a demonstrator and joining in with all the fun next year and the millions of minutes of fun we will have in between, contact me today!! My e-mail addresss is sharon@lvh.com.au…….I can arrange to send you some additional information, or we could always meet for a coffee!!

I have plenty to show you and share with you from Canberra……and customers will be getting some great product tips in the newsletter coming your way soon…..stay tuned!!


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