When that card just won’t leave your head……

……..just make it!!! I’m suffering from a cold at the moment – DH gave it to me…..we are joking that it is the cat flu…..anyway, had to venture out today to do the groceries….GGggggrrrrr BUT I did walk past a crossroads shop. They have obviously just done a reno and their new vinyl window decor inspired me……so I’ve had this bloody card in my head all day. I have three Chemistry assessment tasks to set but I decided to make the card first….think this will have to be the card we make at my workshops in July……..contact me and I’ll come help you and your friends recreate it……sharon@lvh.com.au. This weekend there is a craft show at Darling harbour that I just can’t miss, so doped to the eyeballs with codral I will take my girls in for a little treat. Now, just two days left on my blog candy…..see the posts below……AND don’t forget the great hostess specials this and next month…..

baja breeze

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