Break in programming….

Hi stampin fans LOL,
Just wanted to check in and say that things will be quiet for a few days..
1. I have to work today….Sunday GGrrrrrrrr
2. I have two nights at work this week for parent teacher evenings
3. It is the last week of school and I just need to concentrate my energy on getting to the end.
4. I’m completely and utterly stuffed!
5. I have the flu again…..I vow to get a flu shot next year. I have spent two winters now really ill and I’ve had enough……my DH is now shaking his ‘see I was right!’ head LOL

I have a card in my head and you know that I function better if I can just get it out……it is actually a card that will be turned into a project for a class I plan to run on Saturday the 18th of July…..drop me an e-mail if you want to know more…..I’ll try and squeeze some time in to get it out LOL!!!!


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