Birthday break…..

well it is for me as DD heads off to friends house for a tween birthday celebration on Friday night. Here is the birthday girls gift…….birthday gift

Excuse the blurry photo…..not so good when your bad photographic technique gets worse………you get the idea anyway. Here I have set myself a challenge……how far can you make one piece of patterned paper go?? Well pretty bloody far I reckon!! It was used to cover the note paper box (picked up on sale at my local newsagent), make a band for the smiggle tin, used on the card as well as the envelope. The note paper has been stamped with flowers that coordinate with the paper and even monogrammed. My DD stamped every second sheet and took most of the afternoon the other day and I promised I would decorate and make a matching card. Such an impressive gift Caitlin said she was prepared not to give it away and change her name so she could keep it LOL………. There is current product here, even a mini sneak peak….hhmmmmmm can you guess which thing is from the mini?????

I have detailed the card and envelope (as well as inside the card) below ……..

birthday carddecorations All images © Stampin’ Up! 1990 – 2009


One thought on “Birthday break…..

  1. Hi Sharon,

    The colours look so lovely in all these projects. Very clever and economical use of the DP.

    Robyn x

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