The end of freedom…….and sneak peak 2!!

It is the last day of holidays for me today and while I have achieved so much, it seems that it is never enough. That’s the one thing I’d like to change about myself….learning that sometimes I have done/ have enough!! Never mind…….I am being philosophical at the moment…my professional life leaves me with a lot to be desired and I need to find a way out of the dark mist I work in………I could be happy being home every day but that won’t pay the mortgage……so instead, let’s look at a Christmas card…yep – my first for 2009 and I think I have found the design that will feature in my mailings this year…I love this so much. The simplicity is a pleasant change…..enough is definitely enough here. With this gorgeous new ribbon you need a simple design. The ribbon and ornaments are features from the new mini catalogue and I think both are just grand. The ribbon is so soft and as you can see forms a lovely knot there in the centre. The colours used are vanilla, red riding hood, old olive and baja breeze…..a great chrissy combination…don’t forget the launch….come touch this one and see what I mean when I say it is soft!! All these sneak peeks and plenty more will be on display for you too paw over, as well as an opportunity to make two things for yourself…..


All images © Stampin’ Up! 1990 – 2009


3 thoughts on “The end of freedom…….and sneak peak 2!!

  1. This is so simple, yet so elegant and the colours and combination of shapes in the previous post are lovely too.

    Robyn x

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