Some guest bloggers from my team……

I am soooo far behind showing you what I have been up to – I have been extremely busy crafting – mainly for ‘work’ rather than pleasure…..but I still enjoy it. In the meantime I have two great projects to show you that members of my team have created. You have seen the wonders of Lana previously, but these girls are yet to be ‘blog artists’ LOL…… so here we go!

1. Tifa’s great gift to me!

Tfa's giftTifa is a very clever member of my team from Bexley in Sydney. I always enjoy my time spent with her and her wonderful friends and family. They are so warm and giving…..I truly count her and the ‘gang’, my friends…….Tifa heads home to Malaysia each year and while there this year bought me a gorgeous scarf….which I have worn a great deal……..working outside and iving in Camden, scarves are an essential clothing item, even this time of year. She packaged it up so beautifully that I had to take a picture to share with you……….so I have finally unearthed the shot and will share the great work of Tifa.

She has made a stunning little bag in my fave colour combination of blue and brown to pop that stunning scarf in………….isn’t it great. Absolutely perfect for the colours I like to wear – a big orange and brown wearer I am…LOL!!

Thanks Tifa, I enjoyed your wonderful gift along with Ina’s great yummies she bought along last we met………….we must meet up again soon…….

2. Lien’s gift to me!!

lien's cardlien's gift

How lucky am I???   Lien is actually a customer of Tifa’s downline, Pauline….confusing huh!!  LOL!! She and Pauline often join our team meetings and we have such a great time together when we all stamp and chat.

I will definitely have to organise another get together before this year slips away.

Lien has decorated this box with stamps and patterned paper and has made these great brads that allow you to use all sorts of things to turn into brads. Lien is also a very clever paper crafter. You can see her great acetate card stamped with stazon here as well. Thank you so much Lien, I’m trying not to ‘save’ my brads (just ’cause they are gorgeous), rather use them…..LOL….stop laughing Lien!!

Thanks girls….can’t wait to see what else you’ve all been up to!!

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