Stamp club projects 3 and 4 and a fabulous cause.

C gift walletg gift wallet

So here are the last two things we made at Stamp club this week. Two little gift card wallets – easily hold a gift card and also room to write a little message.

Funny …….. I actually made 200 of the Christmas gift card wallets on the evening before stamp club for a local charity I sometimes do little things for. The charity is The African Aids foundation (AAF) and they will use them to hold sponsorship cards. Instead of a traditional store gift card, they will hold a gift card that can be bought for a friend and the money will go to a great cause or project AAF sponsors….e.g. for just a few dollars you can sponsor a child a pair of school shoes for them to attend school or sponsor a food parcel for the volunteers who work with the Aids patients. These amazing women travel around vast distances each and every day  visiting families with seriously ill Aids patients, helping them out, checking in with them etc. While they do this for no money, they also need to feed their families, so a sponsor here in Australia can give money to help buy the volunteer food etc. The other great thing you can ‘buy’ is a market garden for a family struggling to make ends meet. For those of you who were unaware, there are literally millions of young children without any familiy to care for them. Older members of the community(this part of the community have a lower AIDS affliction rate) have taken on the responsibility of caring for children. When there is no one, they need to be placed in orphanages. This is another area AAF have put lots of money as well as time and effort into. They send over people from our community here in Camden, to lend skills etc to help out and more importantly, spread the word when they return. If you are interested in helping them, any small amount does good. This fund has ALL it’s administration costs covered by its leader, our doctor, John Schwartz. That means every $$$$ gets to where it will do the most good.

So with 200 sponsorships available, they hope to sell them off at a dinner here in Camden early in November – it is great night, why not buy a ticket and come along!!!

All images © Stampin’ Up! 1990 – 2009


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