HUGE Thank You’s

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to the great friends and customers (they are the same people!!!!) who attended our Stamp Camp just yesterday…….I thought we all had a great time and it certainly was satisfying to hear that most of you had a great time too. I was thoroughly impressed with how you all got in and tried new things and was wrapped to see you leave with completed projects and a promise to make another……… an incentive…..heheheh…….the first person to e-mail me a photo of another  completed stationary box will receive 12 note cards and envelopes that you can use in the next two – these make great small cards to use in these boxes…… the challenge is on……e-mail that photo to This incentive is just for those who came along on the 24th of October…….

It was also encouraging to hear so many of you were thinking of joining us on December 4 for our card frenzy which we will call build-a-card…….fab, quick cards that you can just slap together and pop in the post!!

Other HUGE thank you’s need to go to Lana, who of course designed this particular box {We’ve got our thinking caps on for some projects like this out of the new – yet to be seen – mini catalogue that will begin in December.}. She is such a quiet little talent who enjoyed yesterday as much as I did. We work really well together and I think we put on a pretty great event – only possible with such a great and ‘easy’ collaboration. Although she vows that she will fight me to the death for the air con next time hehehehehehe

The other thank you’s go to my sister who came along as a go girl, to do all those things we needed….and also got a chance to do some school work while she sat watching us stamp………and of course, my hubby who provided the venue and fussed over us all day (and his staff who put up with not being able to find their coffee cups ’cause we’d ‘tidied’ them up LOL……..).

So all in all, I’m wrapped and hope you gals are too. Of course we’d also like some honest feedback – valuable when trying to make great events like this get even better………it would be boring to me if they were all perfect! So if there is something you’d like to comment on, I’d love to hear your feedback – you can e-mail it through to

With Love,

Sharon xxxxxxxxx♥

stamp camp4stap camp 6stamp camp 9stamp camp 13stamp camp 11


One thought on “HUGE Thank You’s

  1. oh, very very nice Sharon. I have seen these but only in US dimensions and our envelopes don’t fit. I would love to do a class on one of these. Thanks for all your help 🙂

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