Making a card to order?……….

All you card makers out there will know what it is when I say it is soooooo hard to make a card for someone you don’t know, especially whenever someone else is telling you what they’d like……through someone else……..Ggggggrrrrr – yep!! My big mouth sister (I truly do love her!) promised we’d make this 21st card for a lady she works with, to give her daughter I think……

The brief was as follows

“Colours need to be purple and teal, no flowerly girly stuff, had to have 21 on it and her name………”

I struggle to get requests like these to work. I did come up with something……not sure it is my cup of tea and uses a combination of stuff I had – some old SU!, some new SU! and some non SU!….too funny – all we need is something blue!!!

What do you think?? Not that I’m changing it, {rollin eyes}, she needed it yesterday!!! Tell me what you would create with such a brief…..

Off to organise the prizes for next Friday night for the Christmas Frenzy girls…….are you excited!! I am , you should see the prize box…just keeps growin and growin!!

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