My kids are growing up…..

……………and I can’t believe it!! I haven’t posted much this last week as I have been watching how much my kids have grown up. Caitlin was the first to reveal her new grown up look, attitude and awareness as she has spent the week being inducted into High School as well as farewelling her life in Primary School…….some pictures to share – a proud mum moment…..I don’t get too many of these , or at least I don’t get to witness these…there is plenty to be proud about with my great brood, but as a working mum, I often miss the moment.

She has grown into a lovely (all be it – moody) young lady who has done so well at school this year. She has been a prefect and taken on that role so well and is to be awarded a book prize at our presentation night on Tuesday.

She was very happy with her look, especially her hair. Anyone with dead straight hair usually love having it curled…..anyone with curly hair (like me) would love it to be straight…….she was very happy with the overall look. She was most impresses with her ride to the farewell, just held in the school hall, put on by some teachers and parents. You’ll get to see the inside of the hall – decorated in a rock and roll theme – in a later post about our Christmas card frenzy.

Caitlin was driven to the farewell by my sister (who is a teacher at the school and was also attending the evening). The ride…..well that would be my dad’s ’66 mustang…..a beautiful car, loveingly polished each and every day and driven about 4 times in the last 4 years LOL…….check out the shot below….

Well….she had a fabuous night on Thursday……it’s Brendan’s turn tonight…..oh and Dad turned 70 yesterday…….and Friday night saw 540 Christmas cards put together…….see why I haven’t posted LOL!!!! Back with the next instalent later…….


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