Christmas card frenzy…..

…….was last Friday night and we had a ball……we handed out hundreds of dollars worth of prizes, with EVERYONE a winner on the night…

You can see everyone enjoying themselves here…in our rock and roll school hall (the year 6 farewell was th night before). There was som serious sticking happening, with very participant finishing their 20 cards in about 3 hours…all done by 10pm…, tea and cakes all consumed and plenty of sifting through the sample cards out on the tables. The ladies made their 20 cards from half a pack of the I wish scrappin kit along with 10 sheets of kraft cs as the card bases……each lady also took home the left over cardstock, paper and stickers from their kit to make some other holiday goodies….

This WILL be an annual event… enjoyed by us all…..

Thanks to everyone who participated in the fun….


One thought on “Christmas card frenzy…..

  1. Thank you too Sharon (and your helpers) for a very well organised night. I was very impressed, and of course was very happy to have made the bulk of my Christmas cards as well.

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