On Monday…….

………………….my eldest son went to his Year 10 formal…….isn’t he handsome?? I think so….has always been the cutest little guy (except he now is waaaayyyy over 6ft) . They had a great night – just a lovely dinner/dance at our local civic centre.

He also was driven in the mustang……apparently there were plenty of cool cars….evidenced on my husbands camera log….I think there are more photos of cars than of the kids at the formal LOL…

This is the first time Brendan has worn a suit, I guess I will see it a little more as he grows up (just hope up doesn’t mean taller LOL). He is planning on entering the NSW police force later on. Unfortunately he is one of the youngest in his year, being still 15, so after school he will have to wait a while before he can enter the police force as he will be just 17………he seems happy with the idea of getting a job until that time, waiting his turn, but none the less determined.

Another proud mummy moment will be on Friday when he has been asked to cohost the formal assembly that will see his year get their results and many will leave to take up apprenticeships and jobs. They still have a fair few who leave in Year 10, something that ends with this year group – the law that keeps kids at school til 17 will take effect next year……..so I’ll have to wait until my youngest son is 18 before I’ll see him in a suit….LOL

Be back later this week with some cards I’ve been playing with…….


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