Sweet school Chrissy treats……

As many of you know, both my sister and I are teachers. I made my graduating class cards as they left and my sister and I made 30 of these babies for her class of Year 1 and 2 students. You will find inperfections…..making 30 of these was a big task……..the scallop edges alone nearly did my head in…..not to mention the embossed sentiment……..but….the kids LOVED them……she gave them the cards in a little paper sack along with a colour jig saw puzzle and pencils just as they left school on the last day of 2009 …….they couldn’t get downstairs to their waiting mums any quicker……..they even saved their mini M&M’s…not wanting to waste them LOL…..

Those attending my stamp clubs and in January and February or if you book a workshop before the end of march, can learn how to make cards with these treat cups…..each one has a different way to get to the goodies….so close examination will be possible at these events, as well as the opportunity to order the stuff to make these easy enough to whip up 30 in one night!!!

I have an easter version jumping around in my head, just need some time to get it out……stay tuned!!

All images © Stampin’ Up! 1990 – 2010


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