Some organisational tips…..and stamp club pressies!

I’ve been busy getting myself and the kids off to school and developing some routines….I’ve won some battles and have called a truce on others…….I’ve also spent a lot of time with stamping friends…….and something that has been lolling around the caverns of my mind  – How do stampin’ fanatics keep track of what they already own?? I’ve had two customers in the past month buy something they already owned……I must say I’ve done the same thing!

So, this is a sneak peak of a little gift I’ve designed that will help my stamp club girls, and other loved addicts keep track of their stash! Each of my stamp club girls will get one of these on Friday night – I’m sooooooo excited to get to know these great ladies……….oh and there is still a couple of spots left if you’d like to join them, e-mail me today! ……there will be some other great surprises that I’ll show you after they’ve seen them…..

Inside this wallet is three pockets with cards in them that record stamp sets owned, inks, accessories, wishlists and a couple of blank ones for when they’ve filled them up LOL….

Isn’t that paper just amazing!! It is the very cool pink flamingo paper I bought during the sale last month…….I’ve loved playing with the bright colours lately….maybe I’m in for a style change…..will have to wait and see!

I’ll show you the inside ……it is made with one A4 sheet and you can get 3 cards – which will hold 6 lists – out of another……I just whipped up some list sheets to stick on the cards on the computer……

There will be a few customers and stamping friends who might see one of these delivered into the mailbox over the next month…………they take a little fiddling, but I have some great friends who would appreciate the chance to organise their stampin inventory!! Watch your mailbox….you never know!!

Don’t forget, if you want to join my stamp club that meets this Friday at Camden, then once a month after that….e-mail me for the details…there are some details in some recent posts below.

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