Tricky Treats……

Here are some of my samples made with ‘A little treat’………….I just love this set…I reckon you can make this work for anyone of any age and goes great with ‘Something sweet’ that was in the last catalogue.

Living in Camden, NSW means living with hot air balloons…..tis truly great to get up on a Sunday morning and hear the balloons outside….they are sometimes close enough to wave to from my bedroom window – which is on the third floor and our house sits atop a hill…….The photo in the framed 12in page was taken in the school holidays when we headed out (only a couple of hundred metres from our house) to see 3 gorgeous balloons landing in the paddock – returning from a breakfast flight…..I had to stop and take a picture….it helped that the balloons matched our new designer paper just perfectly LOL……

You can see some great ways to use the sweet treat cups.… you like the one with the penguins trapped in the balloon….weird huh LOL!!

All images © Stampin’ Up! 1990 – 2010


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