Bad photo but a great gift!!

This is a terrible photo ….so sorry…..but I can’t take it again…………it’s a gift that’s made it into the hands of the recipient…oops!

I have been singing the praises of my slow cooker at work…..probably coming to work smelling like that nights dinner LOL….One of the guys at work has bought a slow cooker for his wife and I was asked what recipes I use…..I really did spit my coffee across the room…..I like cooking, but don’t like to think while I cook  at 6.30am, making that nights dinner, I use the trusty McCormicks slow cooker packet mixes…, so yummy. Actually I do think ’cause I often alter the recipe…..I’m not a fan of lentils (nor are the other 8 people I’m cooking for) so I leave them out of the soup mix PMSL!!! That’s thinking isn’t it!!

Anyway, while shopping on the weekend and discovering a few more flavours I decided I would make a gift for Annette and John and bought 4 of the fave packets I use and decided I’d challenge myself to make a ‘container’.

Anyone who is using a slow cooker is either smart or time poor – I’m most definitely time poor, so I decided to wrap kraft CS around the four packets like a box and then make an acetate belly band to hold it all together. I decorated the front using retired Parisian breeze paper and the fave stamp set, Voila. This is a set that will stay in my collection forever just because it is so handy for this sort of thing.

I was pretty happy with the result and I’m sure Annette will think it’s cute……cost a total of $6 (the packs were on sale in coles for $1.50) and I used one sheet of CS and just scraps out of my scraps container….a short period of time (just 40 minutes) and so worth the effort don’t cha think??

Just a view of the side….made the belly band just big enough to hold it in ……..

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