Fox and friends gift

Here’s a little known fact about me…….my maiden name was Fox… there!!

When I saw this set with a cute little fox I had to have it…have a few Fox relos that will love it!!

Another crappy photo but this card and gift was put together by my 12 year old daughter for a friend at school.

I did tie the bow……..stop laughing Cheryl and Amanda…and Penny and Liz and Barbara ………and Phil……ohhhh the list is too long!! You’ll all be pleased to know that the rest of my family just hands me the ribbon too……

She did all the stamping, placing, punching  and she did tie allllllllll that ribbon on the handle of the lolly box……hmmm my ribbon collection looks a bit lighter now, she actually used those little scraps you save in a jar and never seem to use….good onya Cait !!

I actually thought we might make this (amongst two others) at stamp club this saturday night – good for kids and hose friends who are just fun huh!!

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