I got an award….twice!!

Well I am stunned ……. and thrilled……to have received this award from two of the greatest stampin’ girls…..Jacqui Crouch and Teneale Williams.

Both of these ladies I admire….and for very similar reasons……none more important than they are just the greatest people and of course fabulous artists…I am soooooo looking forward to catching up with both of them at convention. Teneale and I hug and giggle and I’ve not actually met Jacqui in the flesh and I have it on my must do list at convention to meet up with her.

Now…..I need to give this award to others that I think are beautiful bloggers…….so here goes….I’ve kept this list to my stampin up inspiration….these are the blogs that I turn to each and every week….

1. Lana Harvey downline and dedicated blogger with the most fabulous stamping space on the planet and most importantly…friend!!

2. Linda Higgins, what can I say, another stampin gal I love to death and pretty good at the bloggin thing

3. Vanessa Webb, a great blogger and the also a great person with a fab hairdo…so jealous!

4. Angela Sargeant, she’s my grandma and I love her hugs!!

5. Alisa Tilsner, she is just as gorgeous and ‘cute’ as you imagine 🙂

6. Jayne Mercer is the best role model I have ever met….she is a teacher with all those teacher type skills, fab mum …gosh just the greatest!

7. Kirsty Brown……I reckon we could be twins….we think alike…..although she got a bigger helping of the talent bit LOL

8. Jacqui Crouch, I have to hand an award back…because I love reading her bits and pieces….makes me smile….

9. Teneale Williams…..I just love her work….when I grow up I want to craft like Teneale…..she also has a great mum I’d have in my downline in a wink {LOL}

Now – I’m supposed to tell you 10 things about me……here goes

1. I am one of nine people in my houselhold. We have three families rolled into one and most minutes it works LOL!!

2. I have four gorgeous {tis mum’s day on Sunday!!} kids……Brendan (16), Caitlin (12), Jared(10) , Maddy (9).

3. My eldest son and my nephew (also 16) live in a flat underneath our house……..which will one day be MY stampin’ cottage!!

4. I have been married to the same man for 20 years on the 15th of December.

5. I attend two SERIOUS fitness classes a week – each of one hour duration…..so I’m a fit, fat chick!!!

6. I am a science teacher who teaches at a public selective, boarding school …….

7. I sometimes blog with my students (I have two other blogs)…although I have been a bit slack of late……

8. I live with and get on with my sister….strange huh!!

9. I have the BEST customers, well friends really in the whole of south west sydney……see ya tonight gals!!

10. We shop and fill two grocery trolleys each and every week!!

Wait til you see the cards we are making at tonights stamp club……so cute!!


3 thoughts on “I got an award….twice!!

  1. Fantastic news. Congratulations. I think you deserve it and really looking forward to tonight’s “sad Saturday night class” (ha ha). PS – my friend is not joining me tonight so just me! Thanks, Donna Brown

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