Exciting sign up price for new demonstrators…..

………….from now yo can join for just $259, that’s a 20% discount – you still get all the great stuff…..check out the back page of your catalogue. If you don’t have a catalogue, then e-mail me….if your catalogue is as worn out as mine then you NEED to join my team. You NEED to be getting your stuff at a discount in each and every order. Heck, if you and your potential customers spend more than $500 in a month then Stampin’ Up! actually give you some money back!! I’m serious!!

If you have been contemplating becoming a demonstrator – now is the time!! Great special and you will be all geared up to see the new catalogue first, in fact you will get to order from it……you will have a sneak peak each and everytime….

You can sign up right now……if you contact me we can sign you up online and you will be right to start in just 30 minutes…….give me an e-mail and I can call you and you get to ask me thousands of questions………..which is my job!! It is my job to answer my downlines questions and guide them and help them through the challenges they decide to tackle……you can do workshops or not……you can run classes or not…….you can do catalogue launches or not……you go o convention 2011 in Melbourne or not……..you can even earn the next incentive trip to Fiji r not……..BUT now is the best time to start…….give me an e-mail – sharon@lvh.com.au……I can’t wait to help my meet team members!!


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