Birthday surprise!!

Barbara's card

Liz's card

Marie's card

Michelle's card

Penny's card

Ok……I finally have an internet browser that is working…..I have heaps of posts lined up and I couldn’t finalise any of them because I couldn’t finish them!! I have been unable to use Firefox without it crashing and so have swapped to Google…..we’ll see how it goes….it sure is fast!!

Now these gorgeous creations were made especially for me!! Can you believe that?? I went off to stamp with my Bonnyrigg Babes as I call ’em, and looky what I got!! They were celebrating my birthday!! Penny made the most gorgeous banana cake and i received the warmest burgundy knitted scarf….that has been used already (very handy on parent teacher night!!).

See…..this is why I am a demonstrator and keep being one…….not because I have an enormous amount of time nor because I wish to make a fortune…..but because of the amazing women who have become my friends along the way………I just love the ladies I have met within the organisation and because of the organisation……I truly enjoy the company of these five special women. We are getting together at the end of July to pool our resources to make a start on Christmas cards……for me, it will be a first….Christmas cards underway half way through the year……I think it will be a hoot!! Michelle, Marie and I will colour and apparently i am in charge of knot tying……should be a scream!!

If any of you are reading this……..I want to say again ….THANK YOU!!! I have sent you a little thank you in the mail………..I luvs youse all…..


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