TWO STEP stampin’ on FABRIC!!!

Yes, you have read that right…………my sister has been working on a quilt we intend to deliver to a grand aunt, next week in Adelaide. When you have spent time, money and a few tears on a gorgeous quilt such as this, it is important to label it with the details and love intended. So, it is customary to use quilters muslin to create a label that can be placed in the back. {I have a desire to use a top note die, but not to blanket stitch around it LOL}. She likes to decorate the label and desperately wanted to stamp a rose (as the fabic has a very vintage feel, part of the Moda collection known as Paris Flea market). So she did!! She used the fabulous “A rose is a Rose” that is currently on sale (check here) and is also retiring soon, to stamp a lovely rose. What ink did she use?? Well regular dye ink and craft ink and stazon will NOT work for this….all will either wash out or damage the fabric and eventually perish the cloth. But you can buy ink that does work, we chose to use Fabrico markers that are acid free and fast once ironed with a hot iron. We’ve done this before and it works a treat…..she achieved the shading the same way we do two step stampin…..she coloured the stamp and then stamped off before placing it onto the fabric…………I have had questions about fabric stamping before, so I thought I’d grab the camera while she still had the markers and quilt out…………any quilters out there who want to feature this rose as part of a quilt???

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