Family first…….always!!

Ok……I have had a rough week, in fact everyone in my family has……….I have shared the best times with my family and certainly many of the worst. This past week has seen us move through one of the worst and to the left you can see the reasons (all 8 of them!!) why we always manage to get through to the ‘other’ side. I love this bunch of scally wags………..I love many others too, but right now this group of 8 are in each others hearts……..perhaps forever.

I’m not going to go into the details….too painful really, but this great group of kids belong to my husbands side of the family. My four terrors are smack in the middle with my other 4 nephews on each side. We all played ‘truant’  from school on Friday to spend an important day together… can see them all smiling after failing miserably at aqua golf LOL…….we then shared some chicken and chips down by the river and then ended with a surprise visit to their grandfathers nursing home……..then parted………only physically though…….I’m channelling them all now as I type and I’ll text their mums a good night in a minute……..hug your kids, nieces, nephews, partners, brothers, sisters, parents and all that are family (in name or in nature) and remember what they mean to you and hang tightly for all of their lives ……………


One thought on “Family first…….always!!

  1. BIG hugs and kisses to you Sharon, for a long week that is has been for you and for being a great mum to your beautiful kids and a great wife, aunt, sister, daughter and friend. xoxo

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