Happy Fathers Day!!

Here is a quick Fathers Day card we made at our last stamp club get together (the other one was a cute wallet card). This one had a sweet treat cup included with some licorice bullets……yummm………I got all the left overs and the ones that fell out of the bag that was badly opened by someone…..hmmm….who would have done that?? LOL

The interesting thing about this card is the way that Dad’s will get the bullets out. This method actually makes the card making faster, especially for those who you know won’t keep it……….

A hole was punched in the vanilla cardfront, once it was all decorated and then the cardfront was positioned on the front (just temporarily) and the hole was traced onto the clos eto cocoa card front. The vanilla piece removed and the hole was cut with the coordinating circle punch through the cocoa cardstock so they lined up.

The sweet treat cup was filled with bullets and the sticky strip cover was removed from the rim of the cup and a piece of thick kitchen foil was secured to the cup – to form a lid. It is important to run your fingers firmly along the ridge and trim the excess foil. The cut was placed through the vanilla cardstock from the back and some adhesive or sticky tape was use dto secure it to the front and then the whole piece was adhered to the cardfront so that from inside the card you could see the foil ‘lid’ on the sweet treat cup.

This allows the card recipient to scratch open the foil to munch on their bullets…….easy peasy. The ladies loved this idea and I think it would be a great way to give cards to kids too…..much more work goes into designing trap doors and sliding doors etc……this is the easiest most throw away version……..anyway, hope you can find a use for the idea!!

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