Upcoming classes you can join in on……

1. Big Shot Class – this sunday …….. e-mail me for more information

2. Christmas Stamp a stack – Saturday 25th at Lana’s fund raiser…..more info here

3. Christmas stamp a stack here at my place – Friday night the 8th of October – we will make 8 cards (including envelopes)  for $20 (you supply adhesive, or else add $5 for use of mine)…….4 cards each of two different designs (with an opportunity for you to make them different) E-mail me for more information and to book in…..limited spaces.

4. Christmas gift stamp camp – whole day event where we will make a year of cards organiser (a great gift where people are able to preplan the cards they need and have a space to store them) along with some cards to go in them. This will be held on Sunday the 28th of November in Camden. Prices and details to follow…….stay tuned….

Feel free to e-mail me any questions you may have regarding any of these events. These should all keep the creatve juices flowing along with prepping for the silly season…..

Have a good week peeps….

Sharon xxxx

Don’t forget to look at the for sale items on the page found at the top………..


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